With all the video streaming, putting out a tweet or two, và not lớn forget, the non-stop emails, how much data are you using, and is there a limit khổng lồ it? If you’re confused about your data usage patterns, don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

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We know how hard it is to lớn get a new di động phone plan. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also gets worse when you’re out of talk, text, or data in the middle of the day or, god forbid, an emergency. We don’t want you lớn be in that kind of situation. Therefore let’s start from the basics.

The Bytes Table (Explained)

Nowadays, Mobile phone plans vary as per gigabytes of data that come with them. But before we get into what 1 Gigabyte means in usage, we need khổng lồ break it down into lớn smaller bits (bytes, bits – get it?):Here is what you need to lớn know, Kilo

Data SizesKilobytesMegabytesGigabytesTerabytes
How many in a Byte?0.001 KB0.000001 MB0.000000001 GB0.000000000001 TB
How many in an KB?1 KB0.001 MB0.000001 GB0.000000001 TB
How many in an MB?1000 KB1 MB0.001 GB0.000001 TB
How many in a GB?1000000 KB1000 MB1 GB0.001 TB
How many in a TB?1000000000 KB1000000 MB1000 GB1 TB

For starters, you don’t have khổng lồ rethành viên the weird table above sầu but vị rethành viên, 1 Gigabyte (GB) is perhaps the standard measure for data plans all across network providers. So if you need unlimited talk, texts, almost all of the carriers charge you the same. The difference, however, is what data plan comes along.

Not everyone needs Gigabytes of data to lớn live sầu through. If you’re probably on a vacation or a retreat, you might want to have sầu talk, text, & a few Megabytes (MB), for instance, 500MB. So the next time you’re in front of a data plan, a rough usage estimate might make things clear.


What does 1 Gigabyte (GB) of data get you?

One Gigabyte (GB) is approximately 1000 Megabytes (MB). There is a whole spiel about how one GB is 1024 MB. If you want lớn go into lớn that type of detail, we recommend you khổng lồ take a moment & head over to lớn an article by Techopedia.

We have come up with what 1 GB of data looks lượt thích with the help of

Activity1 GB =
Web pages600 web pages
Email/Instant Messaging350,000 messages
Streaming đoạn Clip (HD)30 minutes of video
Streaming đoạn phim (SD)2 hours of video
Streaming music200 songs
Skype voice call30 hours of call
Skype đoạn Clip call4 hours of call
App downloads or updates25 applications

How much data vị I need?

Before you estimate how much data you need, it is perhaps necessary to lớn categorize your data usage.

Let’s take one of our customers, Michael, who likes khổng lồ stream high-chất lượng music on Spotify. In that case, a 1 GB data plan will enable Michael to lớn pour 8 hours of high-unique music without any disruption. However, if Michael reduces the audio quality to lớn 160Kbits/sec, that would double the streaming time lớn 16 hours, and the rate of 96 kbpsmay even go up to 24 hours of unique streaming.

Music isn’t the only thing that gets Michael going, he is super active on Instagram, so our 1 GB plan allows hlặng lớn upload cthua trận to lớn 4000 photos per month, making it almost 133 pictures per day. It seems that 1 GB of data isn’t that less after all. You need lớn realize that, before selecting a data plan, you need to lớn come up with a combination of your data usage.

Netflix, Spotify, or scrolling through social truyền thông media platforms may not be the only metric here, but it makes it easier to compare data plans.

US Mobile’s custom data plans range from 50 MB lớn 8 GB, unless you’re one of those, with Unlimited Data. Now, we don’t want you khổng lồ rush khổng lồ a data calculator every time you’re selecting a plan. Therefore, with the help of, we’ve done some calculations khổng lồ make your lives much more comfortable.

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DataGoogle MapsNetflix EpisodesSocial Media
50 MB30 mins02 hrs 30 mins
100 MB1 hr05 hrs
250 MB4 hrs012 hrs
500 MB8 hrs01 day 1 hr
1 GB17 days12 days 3 hrs
2.5 GB1 day 19 hrs35 days 8 hrs
6 GB4 days 6 hrs812 days 19 hrs
8 GB5 days 16 hrs1017 days 23 hrs

How lớn find out your current data usage?

It seems almost impossible lớn keep traông chồng of your data usage. You can’t just keep a diary of hours of google maps or Netflix episodes. Whether it’s Android or IOS, a smartphone data usage monitor allows you to lớn trachồng your data activity through data usage monitor.

How to lớn find out your current data usage on iPhone?

On your iPhone, go to lớn Settings > di động Data.You can scroll down và kiểm tra which apps use cellular data. If you don’t want an phầm mềm to use cellular data, you can turn it off.

Note: You can even check out data usage statistics for a particular phầm mềm for the current period or view statistics while you were roaming. To rephối these statistics, go khổng lồ Settings > Cellular or Settings > mobile Data, & tap Reset Statistics.

On your Android phone, go to SettingsTapNetwork và internet>Data usage.Under “điện thoại,” you’ll see how much total data you use.To see graphs và details,tapMobile data usage.To piông xã atimeperiod, tap the Down arrow.To see how much data eachappuses, look below the graph.In case you want to lớn set data limits, tap thiết bị di động data usage> Settings.Tap Data warning, if needed, turn on Set data warning.Enter a number rang between Megabytes (MB) & Gigabytes (GB), tap the down arrow.Tap Set.

Note: Some of these steps vary according lớn your Android version. To check, open your phone’s Settings phầm mềm. Tap System > Advanced > System Update. You can see your Android version và security patch màn chơi.


It enables you khổng lồ check your app-wise breakdown, phối up daily, weekly or monthly limits, and skết thúc out an alert if your data usage crosses a certain amount.

See this article for a more detailed guide on how to control your data usage and make your data plan last longer.

Although this feature may be useful, not everyone has an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, so what then? What if there’s a better way lớn traông xã and measure your data usage, it’s here, và we Call it usage analytics.


At US Mobile, we understand that data usage is fundamental in building your plan or tailoring one lớn your needs. With real-time data monitoring, you will be able khổng lồ traông xã your usage instantaneously. It doesn’t matter whether you have sầu a single line or perhaps hundreds. If you’re a heavy data user or a light user, our analytics feature is for everyone who wishes to lớn keep a note of their data consumption.

With daily và weekly estimates, it’ll be convenient khổng lồ estimate your monthly usage & select a data plan accordingly.

Our Advice

Now that we have drilled down on every detail of data usage, we want you lớn cut through the confusion và use data as per your will. You don’t have to fit a particular category to lớn use data. Just make sure whatever data bundle you kết thúc up with is enough to satisfy your daily online needs.