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FaceTime on iPhone 4S allows Clip calls between Apple Mobile devices.

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To activate FaceTime in iPhone 4S involves just one step: Go lớn Settings > FaceTime & toggle it "ON". That"s it! You can start making Clip calls over Wi-Fi or 3G with any Apple mobile devices using iOS 5, which can include iPod touch, ipad tablet, and iPhone. When you have activated FaceTime in iPhone 4S, you"ll have the option khổng lồ switch lớn FaceTime right in the middle of an SMS or iMessage conversation. You only have lớn select the FaceTime button at the top of your current (message) conversation, & a FaceTime Điện thoại tư vấn will be initiated. Note: There is no FaceTime app icon in iPhone 4S. Activating FaceTime in iPhone 4S does not put a FaceTime phầm mềm ibé on your screen either. The FaceTime app ibé is only visible in iPod and Máy tính bảng iPad. Before going further, let me explain the rest of the FaceTime settings, which are automatically mix during your iPhone 4S activation and so you don"t need to re-modify them to lớn active Facetime.
To start using FaceTime, configure s few settings in iPhone 4S .
Apple ID
- This is your Apple ID. This is what you use lớn log in to iTunes và App Store. This is also your iMessage & FaceTime User ID. You can only change this if you restore your iPhone 4S as a new phone, during which you will be asked to lớn specify a (valid) Apple ID. Or if you go lớn Settings > Store & log out. FaceTime Activation in iPhone 4S does not require specifying your Apple ID password, unlượt thích making purchases in the App Store. Note that before you can activate FaceTime in iPhone 4S, your would have already been activated và there is a working syên ổn thẻ inside it. FaceTime activation requires a sim thẻ with a network connection.Phone và Email - The Phone specifies your sản phẩm điện thoại number và the Email specifies your Apple ID. Like iMessage, these are the two "addresses" where you can be reached for a FaceTime Hotline. Like Apple ID, these are already set. You don"t need to modify these settings to active FaceTime in iPhone 4S.

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Caller ID - This allows you to lớn specify what people on the other over of a FaceTime conversation will see as your ID. You can select your Smartphone number, or your Apple ID. Choosing your mobile number does not mean you"ll get charged by your carrier each time you make a FaceTime Hotline. FaceTime and iMessage conversations can be placed over Wi-Fi or 3G.How lớn Make your first FaceTime Call.In iPhone 4S, you can make a FaceTime Call by selecting the FaceTime button inside an active conversation in Messages (see below).After that, you will be directed to the FaceTime "window".While your FaceTime gọi is connecting, you"ll see your face in your phone. The iPhone 4S front camera is selected by mặc định. When the recipient of your call accepts, you"ll see both of your faces. The available control in an active sầu FaceTime conversation are: Mute, End, và Switch lớn Rear Camera. To kết thúc a gọi, select the End button & you will be directed baông xã lớn your previous window. To adjust volume, use the iPhone 4S volume buttons on the side of your phone. When FaceTime in iPhone 4S is not yet activated, no FaceTime calls can be made.

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A FaceTime Call in iPhone 4S can be made directly from an existing iMessage or SMS conversation.
Activating FaceTime in iPhone 4S is very easy. You only need khổng lồ activate FaceTime once. If for some reason you have sầu toggled FaceTime off in Settings
, you can turn it baông xã on. FaceTime will be reactivated, và you can start using it again. Connect with your friends using FaceTime in your iPhone 4S by asking for their Apple ID (iPod touch & Máy tính bảng iPad Wi-Fi) or their di động number (iPhone, iPad with 3G). FaceTime is one of the "200 new features" of iOS 5. Enjoy đoạn phim calling!