Streamline your post production workflow with Dynamic Link. Discover how to edit in Premiere Pro & seamlessly liên kết to lớn new và existing After Effects projects.

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The days of exporting movie files baông xã và forth from Premiere Pro khổng lồ After Effects are over. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to work smarter (not harder!) by taking advantage of Adobe’s Dynamic Link tool. Now you can seamlessly move sầu baông chồng & forth between Premiere và AE without all the hassles. A major timesaver for creating tư vấn graphics for your đoạn phim projects!

Integrate After Effects Projects in Premiere Pro

In this example, we’ll be creating titles in After Effects that we want khổng lồ integrate inlớn a Premiere Pro project. Dynamic Link makes it possible khổng lồ quickly bring in an After Effects composition inlớn Premiere, as well as update changes made in AE lớn show up in Premiere throughout the editing process (very useful if you need to make changes lớn titles, fonts, etc). Let’s take a closer look…

In Premiere Pro select File > Dynamic Link > Create New After Effects Composition.


A “New After Effects Comp” dialog box opens with matching settings. Cliông chồng OK, as you want the settings to lớn match between Premiere ProAfter Effects (very important!)


After Effects opens with a “Save sầu As” dialog. Name your project here. Name it something specific. As a general rule save sầu it with your Premiere Pro projects for better organization.


You now have sầu an open After Effects Composition (equivalent lớn a Sequence in Premiere Pro).

Create your titles or lower thirds in After Effects and then use Commvà + Tab (Mac) or Alt + Tab (PC) to switch baông chồng to lớn Premiere Pro (more on this great shortcut here).

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The Dynamic Link Composition appears in your Premiere Pro project. Drag it khổng lồ your Sequence on a traông xã above sầu your Clip.



Now because the AE composition was created using Adobe’s Dynamic Link, when you switch baông xã to After Effects and make changes the changes will automatically update in Premiere Pro. Although the links updates without saving in After Effects, it’s always good khổng lồ rethành viên lớn save.

Now, let’s say you walk away for the day và cthua your projects down. The next time you sit down to lớn edit how bởi you continue working with Dynamic Link? Easy…in Premiere Pro right-cliông chồng on the Dynamic Link project và select “Edit in Original”.

This will open the After Effects project và you can continue working. Again, your changes will automatically be updating in Premiere Pro.


Much like Apple’s round-tripping feature from Motion to Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Dynamic Link makes it easy lớn integrate (& modify) graphics in your đoạn phim editing projects. Use Dynamic Link khổng lồ make your Premiere khổng lồ After Effects workflow more efficient!