34 synonyms & antonyms for aligned

2 : to be in or come inlớn precise adjustment or correct relative sầu position Negative ends of molecules align with positive sầu ends of other molecules.

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He aligned the two holes so he could put the screw through them. The two parts of the machine are not properly aligned. The text aligns with the bottom of the picture. The schools had to align their programs with state requirements. She is aligning with other senators to oppose his nomination.
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Recent Examples on the Web Some school district leaders in recent days have pressed Los Angeles County lớn align its quarantine policies with less-stringent state guidelines. — Los Angeles Times, 27 Aug. 2021 Meanwhile the district has amended its notification protocols surrounding positive sầu cases or cthua trận exposure, according to its website, to align with new guidance from the Texas Education Agency last week. — Anna Caplan, Dallas News, 24 Aug. 2021 The key is lớn align social impact programs with capitalism’s fundamental driver: making a profit. — Erin Reilly, Quartz, 23 Aug. 2021 Neglecting lớn align the core WEO scenario with 1.5 degrees C is not the only way that the IEA has been out of touch with the pace of technology change & scientific knowledge. — Rebecca M. Peters, Scientific American, 14 Aug. 2021 Rather than dividing the world based on regime type, Biden should recognize the interests of undemocratic countries—especially powerful ones—and try lớn convince them to align with the U.S. — Jordan Michael Smith, The New Republic, 12 Aug. 2021 Additionally, lacking massive sầu upgrades, Apple is expected khổng lồ align the prices of the newest models with those of the iPhone 12. — Jacob Siegal, BGR, 12 Aug. 2021 The state updated its COVID-19 testing guidance this week to better align with CDC recommendations, McLaughlin said. — Annie Berman, Anchorage Daily News, 12 Aug. 2021 He was joined by Ms. DeRosa, who set her official departure to align with Mr. Cuomo’s in two weeks, và another adviser, Stephanie Benton. — Thủ đô New York Times, 10 Aug. 2021

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History and Etymology for align

French aligner, from Old French, from a- (from Latin ad-) + ligne line, from Latin linea