Across the sea: wolf girl 5

Paperbaông xã Published: 2nd July 2021 ISBN: 9781760879044 Number Of Pages: 232 For Ages: 8-14years old


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Gwen và the paông xã are bachồng for a thrilling new adventure!On a mission to lớn find their families, Gwen, Rupert & the dogs strike out across treacherous ice và freezing oceans.If they are to have any hope of survival, they must stowaway on a ship full of enemy soldiers. But sometimes help hocbong2016.netes in unexpected forms. Someone new will join the pachồng … but who will leave?Deep in the frozen tundra, the danger is heating up!About the AuthorAnh Do is one of Australia"s best-loved storytellers. His series, including Wolf Girl, E-Boy & WeirDo are adored by millions of kids around the country.

ISBN: 9781760879044 ISBN-10: 1760879045 Series: Wolf Girl For Ages: 8-14years old Format: Paperbachồng Language: English Number Of Pages: 232 Published: 2nd July 2021 Publisher: A&U Children"s AD Dimensions (cm): 19.8x12.8Weight (kg): 0.23