Avast! premier 2016 full version

Avast Premier năm nhâm thìn Full License KeyAvast Premier is the ultimate antivirut suite which offers the best protection against all types of attacks. The program interface is very easy-to-use, clean, và well organized even if you were first to lớn avast, you will easily get control over every aspect of its. You can easily to immediately run checks for viruses & malware, network vulnerabilities, missing software updates, và so on. Avast Premier is the most complete antivirus and more powerful features than other Avast edition.

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Avast Premier 2016 is one of the best solution for those who want all-in-one protection. It provides cutting-edge protection & deterrence against any type of attaông chồng, be it viruses, spam, malware, privacy, password, và the attacks that often occur is adware attacks against browser. Avast expand their tư vấn for a new password manager, which allows you to lớn securely generate passwords, remembers và automatically fills login forms every time you will use it. Significant changes are also present in tư vấn of the security network, which memungkan your network security scan, detect vulnerabilities and displays detailed information related lớn the network.

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Key features:

Advanced firewall featuresAutomatic software updaterEasy-to-use interfaceEncrypts the trafficExcellent threat detectionsLots of configurable toolsDetect all kinds of threatsPermanent data shreddingReal-time protectionSocial tracking blockingSystem optimization toolsAutomatic password managerSandbox, và many more.

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What’s new in Avast Premier 2016:

New secure dnsNew firewallSecurity fixesAnd many more.




Minimum Requirements:

Windows XPhường SP3/ Vista SP1/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)500 MHz processor256 MB RAM1.5 GB disk space

How khổng lồ install?:

Unpaông xã & install Avast Premier 2016Double click on License File to lớn registerConfirm the activation (Cliông xã on Activate)##This step requires an internet connectionUpdate và enjoy Avast năm 2016 Full Version

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