Be about to

Meaning: To describe something that we expect to lớn happen very soon. It refers lớn the immediate future.

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The bus is about to lớn leave sầu. (The bus is going to leave very soon.)

Manager: The meeting is about to start. Where is everyone?

by panuruangjan |

Jane: Could you help me with the sales report? Sarah: I’m about khổng lồ leave sầu. Can we vị this tomorrow?

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Customer: What is the price of the laser printer? Supplier: I am about to lớn sover you an tin nhắn with all of our prices.

be just about

Form: be just about + infinitive

Meaning: The word “just” emphasises that the future action is very very soon. Probably in the next few seconds.


by sakhorn38 |

Jane: Let’s watch this TV show. Mark: No sorry, I’m just about khổng lồ go to bed.

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past size of “be” + “about”

Form: past size of be + about + infinitive

Meaning: Something that was going to happen but did not happen.


Clare: I was about to lớn eat when you invited me for a drink.

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Jane: Hi Sarah! Sarah: Hi Jane! I was just about lớn Điện thoại tư vấn you.

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