the process of releasing svào emotions through a particular activity or experience, such as writing or theatre, in a way that helps you khổng lồ understand those emotions

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< C > It’s the director’s hope that Germans who see his movie will go through a catharsis similar to his own.
These skills are used with the intention of helping patients khổng lồ phối goals, problem solving và facilitating catharsis.
This type of catharsis springs from the sense of oneness with the performance event và a larger historical picture within which the performance becomes inscribed.
The lived experience of music variously provides enjoyment and satisfaction - physical, emotional, & aesthetic/intellectual - as well as catharsis and emotional tư vấn.
The perpetual flux, far from frustrating experience, precipitates & enriches it in proper catharsis.
In this case, confidentiality, trust và catharsis, which are integral khổng lồ a biographical inquiry, have sầu led storytellers khổng lồ articulate private concerns.
During the feast, not only was the urban space entirely transformed by pageantry, but the inhabitants collectively experienced a comtháng exaltation, a great catharsis.
For example, when coping with physical symptoms, emotional support, catharsis, spiritual tư vấn, distancing, và emotional control were used by fewer than 20% of participants.
Arnold has not been alone in her opinion that punk"s spirit of catharsis is to be found only in more visceral punk idioms.
These plays hold the key khổng lồ opera"s tragic pretensions; the esteem they long enjoyed should prompt us to lớn reconsider the spirit of tragedy & the nature of catharsis.
Hence, there is a lingering, deep melancholy about the work, which does not achieve any catharsis but uses its dark instrumentation and frequent dying falls to reflect an inconsolable lamentation.

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