Company chop là gì

a small piece of paper with a picture or pattern on it that is stuck onto lớn a letter or package before it is posted, to lớn show that the cost of sending it has been paid:

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a tool for putting a mark on an object either by printing on it or pushing into it, or the mark made in this way:
a small piece of paper worth a particular amount of money that you can buy several of, as a way of paying for something over a period of time:
a particular quality in something or someone, or a unique in something that shows it was done by a particular person or group of people:
a small piece of paper, usually with a colorful design, that is attached to a package or envelope to lớn show that the charge for sending it through the mail has been paid:
a small piece of paper with a picture or pattern on it, that you stick onlớn a letter or package to lớn pay for the cost of mailing it:
a tool used to put a date, an address, or other mark on a document or an object, usually as proof of something:
The Board will meet Thursday lớn discuss the contract & is likely to lớn give its stamp of approval Friday.

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to lớn use a tool to lớn put a date, an address, or other mark on a document or an object, usually as proof of something:
If such an interpretation were accepted, such stamps can be viewed as more than decoration as they become symbols conveying information about family.
They held an official chop, và stamped it on legal documents as proof that they had reviewed them and made fair copies of them.
The quantity relative for second-class stamps is 140.0, indicating an increase in numbers bought of 40%.
Providing cash (rather than benefits in kind, food stamps or vouchers) is more cost-effective sầu & flexible, và avoids the creation of distorting secondary markets.
Instead, we impose some additional structure that allows us lớn allocate version stamps under a totally ordered scheme.
Layered on top of segmentation are the topic stamps themselves, in their relational contexts, at a phrasal cấp độ of granularity.
The expenditure cap was eliminated và food stamps returned lớn full entitlement status in the 1990 reauthorization act.
Like these, stamps showed the emblem of the lion & the sun and/or the portrait of the reigning monarch.
How strange it is for books to lớn inculcate one mix of ideas, while experience of the world stamps them with all the flagrancy of falsehood.
The state remained " at war ", stamping out nationalist politics và fighting urban expansion và rural evasions.
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That is less than the cost of a first-class stamp, but the amount has been set at that level for 30 years.
Is it not unfortunate that they should be permitted khổng lồ carry what appears khổng lồ be an official stamp of approval?