Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data

Solve sầu the problem parsing JPEG data in your Adobe Photosiêu thị with the help of Stellar repair for photo lớn software that helps fix the corrupted images in no time with easy steps.


Step 3: mở cửa your new image file in your Adobe Photocửa hàng to avoid any interruption or error.

Bạn đang xem: Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data


Step 2: Follow the path: ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdobePhotoshop1đôi mươi.0 (or whichever thư mục is shown there)


Step 4: Edit "DWORD Value" dialog box appears and enters the value data 4000 (recommended 4000-8000 value for 4-8GB RAM). Piông chồng the option of hexadecimal in the base.


Step 6: Restart your computer & open the pholớn in Adobe Photosiêu thị.


Step 2: Log in to your tài khoản.


Step 4: Cliông xã the "Update" button và wait until the process is completed.


We have sầu found some solutions for the above-mentioned factors with the help of some simple steps that you can follow. We have sầu categorized the solutions for all platforms for easier understanding.

For Windows users

Solution 1: Change the Extension of the Image File

The "could not complete your request because of a program" error pops up for specific files only, which is why we recommkết thúc checking the tệp tin extension. Before jumping on to technical ways, try to change the image tệp tin extension inkhổng lồ the generally used image file extensions such as .jpeg or .png. If at all, this doesn"t resolve sầu the issue, try to lớn use the export option. Here are the steps to lớn bởi vì so:

Step 1: Save sầu the image file under the extension of either .png or .jpeg.


Solution 2: Disable Generator

Disabling the generator plugin which is found in the Preferences window has helped fix the issue for a few users. Here"s how you can vày it too:

Step 1: xuất hiện "Adobe Photoshop".

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Step 3: Switch to the "Plugins" tab & untiông chồng the "Enable Generator" checkbox.


For MAC users

Solution 3: Unlochồng the Library Folder

Unlocking the library has also helped resolve the issue for many users. Here are some steps khổng lồ vì so:

Step 1: Launch "Finder" và navigate lớn the "User directory" lớn tìm kiếm "Library".


Step 3: Select the "Get Info" option from the drop-down menu.


For uni-platform

Solution 4: Remix Photosiêu thị Preferences

Resetting the Adobe Photocửa hàng preferences manually can refrain from affecting your color & workspace settings. However, if you reset the preferences using the keystrokes method, it may remix the color và workspace settings here and there. Read the steps below if you want khổng lồ resolve the Adobe Photoshop program error and have a windows device:

Step 1: Press the "Windows + R" to open the "Run" dialogue box.


Step 3: Go to lớn the "Roaming/Adobe/Adobe Photocửa hàng CSx.Adobe Photosiêu thị Settings/" directory.


Step 5: Launch Adobe Photoshop again to kiểm tra if the error has been resolved.


Part 4: How Can We Avoid Problem Parsing JPEG

Adobe Photoshop"s problem parsing JPEG"s error occurs when something went wrong during the analysis of the JPEG tệp tin và it might have sầu faced some issues while uploading. Users receive sầu such alerts because usually the extension of the picture is not suitable for importing or there is another problem with it. To avoid such an error, you can try to lớn keep the below things in mind:

Keep a kiểm tra on the image tệp tin extensionKeep your Adobe Photoshop software updatedEnsure that the JPEG file is not corrupted (if it is, use Stellar repair for a pholớn lớn fix it. Refer to lớn solution 2)Cheông chồng before saving the tệp tin in Adobe Photoshop

If the problem persists, try to use the above-given solutions for your convenience.

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Using Adobe Photoshop đơn hàng with the usage of multiple image files & a single corrupted image tệp tin can hamper the process or give sầu you the errors mentioned in the article. However, to lớn fix the JPEG files, you need a simple way. Stellar repair for a photo lớn is one such software that can fix your corrupted images in no-time & is suitable for all types of devices such as Windows, MAC, Android, SD thẻ, or iPhone device. You can also select và repair multiple images at once with simple steps as mentioned in the solution 2.

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