Ghost Windows 7 All Mainboard 32 Bit

Share the download links of Ghost Win7 updated in August 2020, there are many versions lớn choose from No Soft to lớn Full Soft, không tính phí download here.Quý Khách đang xem: Ghost win 7

Although it was killed in early 20đôi mươi, but Windows 7 is still a good choice for the average configuration machine, currently most applications still tư vấn Windows 7 so everyone is assured lớn use it.

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In this article, will chia sẻ tải về link as well as quiông chồng instructions for you ghost Win 7 .

What is Ghost Win 7?


Many people still think that "ghost win" is "installing the operating system", in fact ghost Win is the "bug / extract" action of a ghost file that has been created before.

How lớn create a ghost tệp tin is also very simple, when installing Windows -> just installed should operate very smoothly. We use backup software "compress" the operating system partition inkhổng lồ a tệp tin kích cỡ of 3GB -> 6GB (may be heavier và lighter).

Until the operating system malfunctions or problems, we just delete the old Windows -> "bug" this compressed file into lớn it will have sầu Windows lượt thích new!

With normal ghost files when backing up data / OS of any machine, it can only be used for that device.

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The ghost stage takes place quickly, preinstalling the necessary software applications for Windows -> no longer have khổng lồ "manually install the operating system" anymore.

Features when using Ghost Win 7


Advantages of ghost Win 7:

Easy to lớn use, with just a few simple steps, you have a new Windows now!The installation process is quick.Many options khổng lồ suit your needs, from 32bit Windows, 64bit Windows to lớn Full Soft-No Soft versions with many different configurations .Compatible with most weak to svào configurations .For Full Soft_ Full Driver already has the software, so you vị not have to lớn struggle lớn install many software .

+ Disadvantages:

Low security, not safe for business environment, agencies, companies.Easy to modify, personalize, interfere with the systemEasily attached to lớn viruses, trojans . steals user information

Therefore, when choosing khổng lồ use a ghost from an individual or an organization, you must use a reputable and unique version, avoiding long-term potential risks.

Configure the device to lớn use the Ghost Win 7 version


General configuration lớn install Win 7:

CPU - CPU 1GHz or higherCapathành phố Ram 1Gb or more, preferably 2-4GbHard drive sầu with 20Gb or more, it is recommended lớn leave 40Gb empty

How to lớn Ghost Win 7 32bit and 64bit


You should kiểm tra your configuration to lớn choose the standard ghost first:

Hard drive sầu is in MBR or GPT standard-> MBR is compatible with old ghost files * .GHO-> GPT - UEFI is compatible with ghosts with the True Image file * .TIBRAM capathành phố above 4GB -> select the 64bit ghost Win 7If no driver has been installed -> Select ghost Full Soft_Full Driver.

There are many different ways Ghost Win 7, and I would like khổng lồ nói qua two common ways as follows:

Ghost Win7 with Onekey Ghost => Standard Legacy - MBRGhost Win7 with Acronis True Image => UEFI - GPT standard

Link to lớn tải về Ghost Win 7

Here is the links khổng lồ download Ghost Win 7, please select the appropriate version.