From now on: synonyms in english

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"From now on" means "from this moment". More spesifically, it means strating from this moment or strating now. And it automatically implies that it will be that way into the future and not just happen in one little moment và stop and never reoccur.


"From now on" doesn"t mean "starting from now." (You would just say, "Turn your phones off, now") It"s more accurately used as "In the (near or distant) future, when one finds oneself in the same (or similar) situation."


"From now on" means forever, or at least for the foreseeable future. "I"m going to keep my front door locked at night from now on." You wouldn"t keep your Smartphone phones turned off forever! I would expect you lớn say "Let"s turn off our mobiles now" (just for the duration of our meeting, etc), or "From now on, let"s turn off our mobiles during meetings."

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