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1North American An institution honouring the achievements of individuals in a particular activity or field.

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‘She has been inducted into six Halls of Fame, including the International Swimming Hall of Fame.’‘Wilkinson is the only individual lớn be inducted inlớn the NRHA, AQHA, và NCHA Halls of Fame.’‘This year there are eight category awards, a Hall of Fame and an Overall Winner.’‘It surely ranks near the top of my các mục for this size and class & if there were a Hall of Fame for powerboats this would no doubt be one of the first inductees.’‘Mark Fisher"s fantastical Brobdingnagian stage sets are about as cthảm bại as architects ever get lớn roông xã và roll, which remains, despite Halls of Fame và Hard Rock Cafes, essentially uninstitutionalizable.’‘In fact, Pezzano has been inducted into a total of 10 Halls of Fame (five sầu for bowling performance and five sầu for meritorious service/outstanding service).’‘Having been inducted inkhổng lồ the Texas và Missouri Country Music Halls of Fame earlier this year she was then honoured with the Living Legkết thúc Award, & just recently received the Golden Guitar award.’‘Yet this uncommon practice vaulted Smitty inkhổng lồ both the ABC và PBA Halls of Fame.’‘But if you"re planning an April Fools" Day gag, be sure lớn browse through the galleries of the Museum of Hoaxes, a Hall of Fame for history"s greatest pranks.’‘He hands me a copy of Boxing Digest with an article on Muhammad Ali being inducted into this Hall of Fame - an event, in Jack"s opinion, that was buried by the Canadian press.’‘But, much khổng lồ my surprise, when I go lớn tot up the scores at the kết thúc of blogging all my records (by forty), this will not be featuring in any Hall of Fame.’‘Zernograd"s museum doubles as a Hall of Fame for its wheat farmers; Eureka has a monument to wheat in front of its museum.’‘Aý muốn the other recommendations which should not attract any argument is the Điện thoại tư vấn for the development of a Hall of Fame khổng lồ showcase the history of British racing.’‘While Bodine may never enter a Hall of Fame, he is a proud survivor.’‘Nick Faldo has won the last two Opens there, in 1987 & 1992, & going back in time the list of winners reads like a Hall of Fame.’‘Proposals are being put forward for the inauguration of a Hall of Fame, to lớn recognize outstanding local karatekas.’‘I feel very honored lớn know you think this story could be in a Hall of Fame.’‘If Bermuda had had a Hall of Fame baông xã in 1976 when Mr. Hill won his medal, he would have been inducted immediately.’‘They should wake up khổng lồ the fact that the way things are going, fans may not even care that there is a Hall of Fame.’‘Rather than a Hall of Fame, I would like to lớn see a Hall of Shame instituted for Australian sport.’