I am confused as lớn when lớn use "prefer to" & "prefer than".For example, we write:

I prefer coffee to lớn tea.

So why can"t we use than instead of to?Also, can someone give me an example of a sentence where we use prefer than? I exactly can"t remember a sentence but I"m sure I"ve read it somewhere.

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The phrase is prefer to.

Q. "So why can"t we use than instead of to?"That"s just the way it is - that"s the way the language has developed.

Q. "Can someone give sầu me an example of a sentence where we use prefer than?"No. It wouldn"t be correct

"I exactly can"t rethành viên a sentence but I"m sure I"ve sầu read it somewhere."If you have sầu read it, it was incorrect.

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You may also lượt thích to lớn look at this thread.


Because normally, people say the most important for them first, before the lesser important. And people like some kind of things in their range from the most important for them to the lesser important for them.

So they use "like" to lớn specify something they like. And they use "prefer" lớn specify somethings they lượt thích, compare them, and make a intentional omission danh sách of them by "to".


I think than does not work since it needs the adverbs less or more. If a comparative adjective such as stronger is used, to or over seem lượt thích a better fit.

I prefer coffee more than tea. He prefers stronger drinks to lớn weaker ones.

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The correct answer is-We use prefer "to" when the comparison is between:

Noun to lớn NounExample- I prefer tea lớn coffee

Gerund to lớn Gerund ( gerund is V+ing size of verb)Example- I prefer skiing khổng lồ playing.

We use prefer "than" when the comparison is between:Infinitives lớn Infinitives( infinitives are to+ first size of verb)

Example- I like to play than to lớn read

Anu Sukhija. You made a great point. According khổng lồ the Advanced American Dictionary "We prefer somebody/something lớn somebody/something". On the other h&, we prefer to lớn do/doing something (than) to do/doing something. Therefore, "I prefer to lớn play(or playing) than to lớn read (reading)" would be perfectly in order. –user90868 Sep 9 "14 at 14:58

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