Sentence transformation

You have a point there (=I agree with your idea or opinion). I take your point (= understand it) about waiting until the spring. OK, Sam, point taken (=I understvà ...

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I agree with your ideaacceptable. To "agree in an idea" is simply grammatically incorrect. "Inside every old person is a young person ...Jan 11, 2010 ... I"d probably just say: I lượt thích your idea of a trip to Switzerland. I agree with your idea of a trip khổng lồ Switzerl&. "Support" here would sound very ...Apr 28, 2015 ... I agree with your idea, this is also the reason I proposed a different Model for the Constitution, khổng lồ clarify that some things are unavoidably in ...

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Jun 5, 2015 ...

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There are lots of things moving and it distracts me to lớn be honest, might be good for downtime but not for presentation, so i agree on your idea of ...May 15, năm ngoái ... i agree on your idea with hal jordan being the thử nghiệm pilot, hyên and oliver gets on a plane, but what if they didn´t just crash land, but crash land on ...Jul 9, 2012 ... I agree on your idea that they should have sầu simply redirected DNS traffic elsewhere but they have chosen to lớn use the their hệ thống to lớn serve sầu dns ...I agree on your idea unless there is a large amount of provincial và federal funding. I would extkết thúc the double traông xã from at Gladstone to ...

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i am totally agree with this idea or i am totally agree upon this idea? I disagree about your idea or I disagree your idea? I agree at your point or I agree on your point? on average or in average? underst& my point or underst& my idea?

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