Jack skellington

top view of dễ thương small jaông xã russell terrier dog sitting on a wood bridge outdoors và looking at the camera. Pets outdoors & lifestyle

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Positive sầu training with positive sầu results!

"I"ve sầu been attending classes at Dog"s Best Friend with my dog, Rookie, for almost three years now. I started out in puppy socialization classes, obedience, and am now in the advanced competition agility class. I have sầu only good things to lớn say about the instructors at Dog"s Best Friend. They are supportive and positive, tailoring the instruction lớn each dog/handler"s needs. Because of their knowledge & experience, they bởi vì not have sầu a one size fits all approach. They help each team build a solid relationship & foundation - no matter what your individual goals are. I also appreciate the fact that they stay abreast with emerging training methods and nói qua that knowledge with their students. They are always progressing so that their students can also. Thank you Dogs Best Frikết thúc Training!"

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"I adopted my dog Biggie from the Dane County Humane Society in December. I enrolled him right away with Dog’s Best Friover Training, starting with the Beginner Obedience class. Since then, we have sầu taken classes all the way up through Advanced Obedience. We have also taken Agility 1 through Competition Agility 1 classes. All the instructors are very knowledgeable & helpful (& have sầu loads of patience which was needed, at times, with Biggie!) I have sầu thoroughly enjoyed taking classes with Dog’s Best Friover và highly recommkết thúc them for training your dog!"
"For more than 10 years Dog"s Best Frikết thúc Training has been a meaningful part of life with our Berners – beginning with calm, beloved Healy and continuing with young,"spirited"(also beloved!) Cara! Positive sầu reinforcement and individual guidance for both dog và human are integral to the many thoughtful and diverse classes offered. Together with indispensable one lớn one counsel from Chelse Wagner, DBF has provided the skills & confidence not only to raise well mannered & affectionate companions but khổng lồ engage them with their humans in activities they love!"
"The staff at Dog"s Best Friover have sầu always been available khổng lồ answer small questions và even have come khổng lồ see us for a trang chính visit after our puppy starting veering down khổng lồ visit the road. They are truly an amazing resource."
"Thirteen years, two dogs, and numerous classes later, I"m here lớn testify that the teachers at DBF are superb và compassionate, the courses are everything that a dog owner needs, và the results for me were one dog who was a masterful tricks performer and the other who went from the dog of many challenges to lớn a focused, well-behaved, & loving K-9 citizen. We could not have sầu done it without Aimee, Chelse, & the rest of the DBF staff!"

Dog’s Best Friend Training, founded in 1988 by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., is dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs và their owners through dog training using positive sầu reinforcement-based techniques. Our dog training classes help owners understvà & humanely influence their dogs’ behavior.