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Welcome To The The Eastern Company

Limitless career opportunities for aggressive sầu, enthusiastic, and hands-on engineers.

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Welcome To The The Eastern Company

Proven innovation, always engineered lớn our customer’s specifications.




Velvac is a leading supplier of vision systems and components to lớn heavy and medium duty truông xã OEMs, recreational and specialty vehicle OEMs, và over 4,000 aftermarket distribution locations in North America.


Eberhard Manufacturing

A leader in custom-engineered industrial, vehicular và specialty hardware. Eberhard"s extensive product line of over 5,000 parts offers customers items such as t-handles, hinges, paddle latches, rotary latches, grab handles, & vents.

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Argo EMS

An AS9100/ISO-9001 certified electronics manufacturing solution provider. One of New England"s first EMS shops, contract manufacturing high quality custom engineered electronics; still revolutionary in Connecticut!

Quality Products

Our commitment khổng lồ chất lượng means that we consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed your expectations.

Custom Engineering

Whether you want lớn make a simple change to lớn a product or you need a custom designed solution, our engineers have years of experience khổng lồ support your applications.


We innovate khổng lồ bring you novel solutions that meet new requirements & market needs.


At Eastern, we recognize the role that each employee plays in the achievement of our Company’s objectives. A career at Eastern means you’ll work toward a goal of continuous improvement in everything you bởi vì. We are a Federal Contractor và proud khổng lồ be an equal opportunity employer.


“We have started a new chapter in the long history of The Eastern Company. We are focused on accelerating value creation for our customer và our shareholders”

- August Vlak, President and CEO