What is the difference between make decision & take decision? When to use the one và when the other?

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I disagree with other answers that this is simply regional variation, with no difference in meaning. While I"m sure there are regional variations, & certainly the core meaning is the same, lớn me (native sầu southern UK) the meanings are definitely slightly different:

The phrase "making a decision" is the more common phrase. It can refer lớn the actual moment where a course of action is chosen (and just that moment), but also sometimes lớn the whole process leading up to lớn it (where one might undertake retìm kiếm, have sầu discussions, think và so on, in order lớn prepare oneself for the decision itself): "The committee took several months lớn make a decision."The phrase "taking a decision", by contrast, only refers lớn the decisive sầu moment itself, & not to the process leading up lớn it. It has more formal connotation, & an implication that the decision will have serious consequences, & that the person deciding will be responsible for them; it has a sense of finality about it.

Some examples may help clarify:

I haven"t made a decision about where to go on holiday. (Informal, consequences not serious, nobody"s going lớn hold me to trương mục.)The president took the decision to invade Elbonia.Bob was fired because he took the decision to lớn outsource the điện thoại tư vấn centre lớn Mars.The decision-making process took a number of weeks: the engineers did the research & made recommendations, but it was the manager who took the final decision.

In tư vấn of this position it is worth using Google lớn search for "take a decision" và "make a decision" on the BBC News website. The former are (at time of writing) all about formal decisions (by governments, official bodies, international committees etc); the latter - once quotes from US politicians are filtered out - mostly about personal or informal decisions, and about the decision process rather than any decision being taken:

"The Arab leaders should take a decision to stop negotiating...""But, as a public consultation inkhổng lồ UK future energy needs begins, he said it was time lớn take a decision on nuclear.""I usually sleep on it, relax and then make a decision which is usually the correct decision.""It"s not khổng lồ say that if you"ve got lớn make a decision you should make it in a fraction of a second - that is daft.""When we make a decision, we are supposed khổng lồ consciously analyse the alternatives and carefully weigh the pros & cons."