On the run

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‘Gotovina is a famous war criminal on the run who has eluded capture.’‘As part of the operation police searched a number of addresses, including one in the Costa del Sol, a notorious haven for British criminals on the run from the UK.’‘The arrested man is a 46-year-old English criminal who is on the run và wanted in Britain.’‘A courageous North Yorkshire man who helped catch a criminal on the run from police will tomorrow be honoured with a posthumous award.’‘Police today took the unusual step of naming a wanted Bradford criminal currently on the run from justice.’‘Max became a household name in 1997 when he was shot by a criminal on the run from police.’‘Only one of the kidnappers was arrested; others are still on the run.’‘Of the 33 detainees who escaped, 12 are still on the run and at least three more are facing criminal trial.’‘Tommy was captured the following month after a year on the run.’

2While running.

‘he took a pass on the run’
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‘Federer looks a different player lớn the one who struggled against Martin Verkerk yesterday và he produces a stunning pass on the run to move to lớn 0-30.’‘Milt Palacio"s ability khổng lồ find teammates on the run and thread passes has helped the offense become more productive.’‘Novak unleashes a forehvà passing winner on the run & Henman then double-faults to lớn go 15-40 down.’‘His footwork has been much better, and he"s even completing some passes on the run.’‘A long pass from Tommy Fitzgerald was taken on the run by Darren Dunphy and he cut in along the over line to punch a point & leave the sides level after 12 minutes.’‘The Highlanders" first break came in seven minutes and ex-Killie midfielder David Bagan should have done better with a shot on the run from a Tokely return pass.’‘They work on different passes, footwork và throwing on the run.’‘Garrard completed 50 percent of his passes in the past two games and has been better on the run than throwing the ball.’‘Some of the photographs appear posed, but a lot of them you"ve just captured on the run.’‘While not quite taking their shots on the run, Toms & Montgomerie were clearly in a hurry to go trang chủ.’
2.1Continuously busy.
‘I"m on the run every minute of the day’
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‘Receiving emails by phone is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for a busy person on the run.’‘When you"re in a hurry và lunch on the run is your only option, where better than Matt Lyons siêu thị on Stephen Street khổng lồ get a quiông xã bite khổng lồ bring baông chồng to the office.’‘Indigestion is aggravated by ‘hurry sickness’ - eating on the run and bolting down your food.’