You would think print advertising is void of innovation today, but that"s actually not the case.

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In fact, many brands are finding new ways to lớn merge the digital and physical world through magazine and newspaper ads.


2. Nivea

This print ad won the Smartphone Grvà Prix at Cannes in 2014. The ad includes a wristb& you could attach to your children as they run around the beach. The ứng dụng lets you mix a distance and receive sầu alerts if your children wander beyond the limit.



UTEC, an engineering and technology university, wanted khổng lồ recruit more students. Instead of placing the smiling faces of young graduates on a billboard, it created an ad that pulled moisture out of the air in Lima, Peru, which sees very little rain each year.

4. Motorola

The br& teamed up with Wired khổng lồ promote the Molớn X"s customization. People could change the color of the phone by pushing buttons.



5. Kontor Records

Kontor Records wanted to get the attention of creative advertising professionals. Instead of mailing out the lathử nghiệm CD, it sent a vinyl record via tin nhắn to its mailing menu with a paper turntable that could be played with an iPhone.


6. Peugot

This print ad for the car brand features a one-page interactive sầu print ad with a front view of the car that asked people lớn hit the ad. The spread following it included a mini air bag that inflated when hit.


7. Lexus

In 2013, Lexus released an ad that, when placed over an máy tính bảng iPad, revealed the car in action with different backgrounds và music.

8. Lladro Lighting

Why advertise lamps when you can give sầu people an ad that transforms inlớn a lamp? Lladro print ads act like a pop-up book, allowing people khổng lồ create their own lamp shape by mounting the paper in a corner.

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9. Reporters Without Borders

While freedom of the press is guaranteed in countries like Norway, Sweden, & the United States, not all countries make the same promise khổng lồ its reporters.

That"s why Reporters Without Borders, a non-profit organization, created an interactive sầu print ad lớn discuss the importance of the freedom of the press.

The campaign featured large portraits of three controversial world leaders against the freedom of the press. To interact with it, readers could scan the QR codes placed at the bottom of the ad. Once activated, journalists began talking about the dangers of being a reporter.

10. Volkswagon

Volkswagon published a three-page spread so readers could take a thử nghiệm drive sầu. You could tải về an tiện ích and can try out different features, including the "Lane Assist" mode that would cause the phone lớn vibrate when it got too cthua thảm to lớn one side of the road.


11. Sonera

The telecommunications company highlighted its 4G wireless tốc độ with a print ad that served as the game board for an iPhone game.


12. C&A

Fashion retailer C&A published a print ad in customized magazine editions that were linked lớn a person"s Facebook trương mục. Readers could Like their favorite looks on Facebook by pressing the button in the ad. The data was then sent to a leaderboard in the store.


13. Nivea

To promote its sunscreen products, Nivea created a print ad with a solar panel that could charge a cell phone.


14. Shikun và Binui Solaria

An Israeli energy company launched this print ad lớn promote green energy. The print ad just seems lượt thích a simple black-and-White drawing. However, when you hold it up to lớn sunlight, vibrant colors appear.

15. CW Network

The CW published this print ad in Entertainment Weekly in 2012. The ad featured a LCD screen that is updated with videos from the network and a stream of live tweets.