Raining cats and dogs meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms

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It’s an English idiom which means it’s raining extremely heavily.It originated in the 17th century but no one knows its precise source. Some believe sầu that it is steeped in mythology & medieval superstitions. Others believe sầu the theory that extremely heavy rain storms carried the bodies of dead animals (mostly dogs & cats) through poorly drained thành phố streets so much that it seemed that it had "rained cats & dogs."You can use it whenever it's raining heavily.

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Whenever there is a "downpaw", that's a pun on raining heavily (downpour) and what a cat or dog's foot may be called - a paw.

The phrase was first used by the Irish satirist Jonanhỏ bé Swift in the 18th century but throughout the ages, it has had many variations, such as "raining pitchforks" etc.

Possibly, it's original meaning of why "cats & dogs" may be traced bachồng to lớn early superstitions or mythology.

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It's the kind of idiom you can modify without losing the meaning ...

"It's raining Kings and Queens" would be also recognisable, it's a fairly flexible idiom.

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You can use it whenever it is raining heavily or as a negation ...

"At least it is not raining cats and dogs."

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