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‘Thủ đô New York, referred khổng lồ as the Big Apple’‘Everyone has one or two names and is referred lớn as the son or daughter of his or her father.’‘Cultures treated in this manner are hereafter referred to lớn as washed cells.’‘The president of the United States is often referred khổng lồ as the leader of the không tính phí world.’‘When they"re dressed as women, they are women, và should be referred khổng lồ as such.’‘Frequently referred lớn as the flu, influenza is a respiratory illness which is caused by a vi khuẩn.’‘The other guest, an American academic who will be referred to lớn as Jeff, has since become a good friend.’‘I actually get quite offended if anyone dares lớn use that revolting word when referring to lớn me.’‘Of course there is a slight disagreement as khổng lồ who these words refer to lớn.’‘Your Honours, I was referring khổng lồ the opening words of Article 13 of the Convention.’‘Whether it was Pastor"s accent she was referring lớn or his word choice he wasn"t sure.’‘Maybe the thành viên could explain what she actually meant by using that word in referring to the good Dr Wayne Mapp.’‘The question is whether the candidates should be deemed lớn be elected under one or more of the rules referred khổng lồ in the opening words.’‘I personally prefer not lớn use the word Master, & refer khổng lồ myself as a Reiki Teacher.’‘Here it will have lớn be determined whether the words in fact refer to lớn the claimant.’‘After all, the word refers lớn the islvà of Lesbos, and we always capitalize place names.’‘Dennis Wyness enjoys playing for Steve sầu Paterson, the manager he invariably refers lớn by his nickname.’‘Only members of the Democratic Unionist tiệc nhỏ invariably refer to Derry as Londonderry.’‘There is indeed much evidence of kiến thiết in nature and God"s Word frequently refers to it.’‘The word duel refers to the competition element that is typical of jubởi vì on the one h& và lớn the rules on the other h&.’
mention, make mention of, make reference to, allude to, touch on, speak about, speak of, talk about, talk of, write about, cite, name, bình luận on, deal with, go inlớn, treat, treat of, note, point out, Điện thoại tư vấn attention to, bring up, raise, broach, introduce