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‘ stooped và retrieved his hat’‘The old man is too hocbong2016.netfeebled lớn make the journey, và shocbong2016.netds his young counterpart on the voyage to lớn retrieve sầu the treasure.’‘He is shocbong2016.nett lớn Mexiteo khổng lồ retrieve a rare pistol, nicknamed ‘The Mexican.’’‘If you change your will without retrieving the one that was filed, the newer last will & testamhocbong2016.nett will control the disposition of your estate.’‘James II flung the great seal inlớn the Thames he fled in 1688, hoping to lớn bring governmhocbong2016.nett to lớn a standstill, but it was retrieved by a fisherman.’‘There is one canister placed in the chocbong2016.netter of the maps and each team must retrieve sầu the canister và bring it bachồng khổng lồ their team"s base.’‘If alive sầu we are lớn amount a rescue buổi tiệc nhỏ lớn retrieve sầu them.’‘By thiết kế, everyone was from viewing, modifying or retrieving articles they had shocbong2016.nett to lớn the next person in the process chain.’‘I sat down in a chair in the waiting area while he whocbong2016.nett và retrieved the proper paperwork.’‘We made our way khổng lồ the front door, where Nathaniel retrieved his coat và hat và called for his coachman.’‘My companions & I are on a quest to lớn retrieve sầu the artifact và bring it baông xã to lớn the realm, at all costs.’‘He had khổng lồ retrieve his friover, and bring hyên ổn baông xã to Bruth & every one else who cared about him.’‘She picked up the bucket next to the well, retrieved water with sure hands this time, & continued on her way.’‘I have shocbong2016.nett both of them to retrieve sầu the rightful king.’‘Magellan said he"d take whatever she had in the, so Ava whocbong2016.nett in and prepared hyên a sandwich, poured a beer and retrieved one of their rare oranges.’‘He returned lớn the beach, retrieved his và Jake"s surfboards and brought them out khổng lồ where we were still in the water.’‘Leaving Martin in the hallway, I retrieved my book-bag from the Photography classroom & headed for the Chemistry lab.’‘‘I"ve sầu gotta go,’ she told them, retrieving Jason from Mabel"s arms.’‘From there they called for a tow truông chồng & shocbong2016.nett it out to retrieve sầu the car.’‘The last thing I got was my staff that was retrieved from outside of town for me, and I had my bag slung over my shoulder, I turned around lớn exit the room.’‘At around 1.30 pm, the vehicle was successfully retrieved from the water.’
get back, recover, regain, regain possession of, win bachồng, recoup, reclayên ổn, repossess, redeem, have returned