Hi everyone,I would lượt thích khổng lồ ask about the difference( if it is) between the following sentences:e.gHe seems to be happy.He seems happy.

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As I underst&, "He seems to lớn be happy" is the same as "It seems he is happy", whereas "He seems happy" is cthua trận to lớn "He is/looks happy".Having made some retìm kiếm, I got ambiguous results:1. The sentences are interchangeable;2. The first is mentioning an objective sầu fact, while the second, my subjective idea.Please, your thoughts.
this as: He looks happy at the moment. At this moment, he seems lớn be happy. However this could also mean the same as the first.

The sentences mean the same. Since meaning is not precise, there is some range of meanings for both sentences.It is possible that in some sentences (some contexts) the two sentences have sầu different meanings. But more likely, the difference works the other way: to lớn express one specific meaning, people use one sentence more than the other.
Unfortunately, the subject is still not clear.What does "khổng lồ be" add to lớn the sentence?Or are these different styles to say the same? If so, which one is more common?

"Seems" is a stative sầu verb - a verb used with a meaning like "to lớn be". So:"He seems happy" means "he is happy (I think)"."He seems to be happy" means the same thing."He looks happy" means the same, using another stative verb."He is happy" means the same (but implies "I am sure" instead of "I think").All of these are common. None is "more common".

Why must it "add" something? There are often several ways to say the same thing. English was not designed or planned.

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I agree with you about "several ways", but they have to lớn be exactly "ways".I my case:"He seems happy" & "He seems khổng lồ be happy" mean the same thing.The only difference between sentences is "lớn be", and turns out that this "to lớn be" is just redundant.So what is the sense of adding this "to lớn be" to lớn the sentence?I assumed "He seems khổng lồ be happy"-->>"It seems he is happy"
lượt thích in the example:e.g.He is believed to be responsible. -->> It is believed he is responsible.But I didn"t receive any confirmation of it.In addition, I looked through other resources and found only " little or no difference", which is why I asked my question.
In addition, I looked through other resources & found only " little or no difference", which is why I asked my question
Most of the times there is no difference in meaning between seem khổng lồ be
& seem, but seem to lớn be is preferred when we mean something that appears lớn be definitely true (objective sầu facts). On the other hvà seemwithout to lớn be is preferred when it"s based on personal feeling (subjective impression).For example -The doctors have sầu done all the tests, & he definitely seems khổng lồ be insane.It seems insane, but I think I"m in love sầu with the postman. When is "seems to be" used instead of "seems"?
Seem (khổng lồ be)
Before a noun we include lớn be when the noun tells us what the subject is, but often leave it out when we give sầu our opinion of the person or thing in the subject.