State owned enterprises là gì

The eventual khuyến mãi will have sầu to be approved by the French privatisation commission, because Credit Lyonnais is state-owned.

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Threatened by a ballot measure to lớn disband it, Oregon"s state-owned workers" compensation insurer found mixed support aước ao local Republicans.
Managers usually design & oversee these roles và responsibilities in corporate organisations, multinational corporations và state-owned enterprises, where ownership is separated from control.
A thumbnail version of his argument is that the initial stages of the economic transition usually involve sầu the privatization of state-owned enterprises.
The first national public economic information network aimed khổng lồ links government agencies with state-owned enterprises and the public.
Some stateestablished và state-owned enterprises were already privatised in the late nineteenth century.
This involved the deregulation of markets, the privatisation of state-owned industries, và reform of the trade unions.
This system provided comprehensive sầu occupational welfare but mainly covered workers in state-owned enterprises.
State licensing, in conjunction with medical education resize, led to the demise of physician-owned for-profit medical schools & their replacement by not-for-profit và state-owned institutions.
Out of thirty-three governments including more than two parties or in a minority situation, twenty-nine have kept the state-owned sector unchanged.
Another different system is designed to lớn partly transfer state-owned property rights khổng lồ internal employees (often called employee buy out).
Often, globalization forces existing practices to lớn change và rules out certain options, such as state-owned enterprises or centralized wage bargaining, without imposing a uniform response.
She was a patient in a state-owned long-term care facility where her life was sustained by means of artificial nutrition và hydration.
This was a completely state-owned private company which held the natural gas monopoly &, from 1975, was in charge of creating the transmission network.
This information is particularly important for measuring the employment loss associated with the effects of the transition on the large formerly state-owned enterprises & collectives.
The industrial policy experiment had failed, enlarging the state bailouts necessary to lớn recapitalize the state-owned banks.
Worker unrest has increased but it is geographically limited because the closing of failed state-owned enterprises has been uneven throughout the country.
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khổng lồ separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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