Viết lại câu không thay đổi nghĩa :1) this is the first time he went abroad

I was reading the following article

& encountered some usages of the Past Perfect that I didn"t quite get why they were used in the way they were used.

Bạn đang xem: Viết lại câu không thay đổi nghĩa :1) this is the first time he went abroad

For example, the writer says: "I was 14, and this was the first time I"d been abroad". She clearly talks here about the same stretch of time so to lớn say - her first time being abroad. So why is it divided lớn two actions by using the Past Perfect? shouldn"t it be - It was my first time being abroad/It was the first time that I was abroad?

The same goes for this citation: "It was my first, & the most unflattering thing I"d ever seen in my life" - why does she use both tenses for a single event?

Thank you in advance.

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asked Aug 19 "19 at 1:43

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Since there is duration, i.e. she narrates something taking place during that trip, then past perfect is perfectly correct, và the common way to lớn express it.

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answered Aug 19 "19 at 6:25

DrMoishe PippikDrMoishe Pippik
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