What's your favourite subject at school and why?

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The interviewer would like a quiông chồng glimpse inkhổng lồ the types of topics that you enjoy. Generally speaking, the classes that you vì chưng best in are likely the ones you enjoyed the most, and perhaps are your area of expertise. Allow the interviewer to lớn get to know you, your interests, and strengths.

"My favorite subject was Geography và Environmental Sciences. What I found most interesting was learning about the bridge between the natural world & how human behavior affects the planet."

"English was by far my best subject in school. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading assignments and the fact that my writing skills improved dramatically."

"I took some coursework on East & South Asian studies in my first year of University. This course remains my favorite of all time because it gave me valuable exposure to additional languages and a fresh, international perspective sầu."

"I was lucky enough to lớn be given the opportunity to lớn take a couple of courses in Film Making. I loved exploring alternative sầu cinema và gained an introduction to exciting new skills such as objective sầu analysis và project management."

"Sociology remains my favorite topic from my post-secondary experience. I have sầu always had an interest in how people work, và the social sciences in general. I lượt thích khổng lồ understand people, how their morals work, and other important factors that go inkhổng lồ building our modern society."

"My best subject was Mathematics. I am a numbers type of person. This trait helps me in my sales career because I enjoy breaking down what it will take to reach my numbers and exceed my goals."

"I am a big tín đồ of multilingualism which is a skill that I hope to encourage in my future students. For that reason, I would say that Spanish and German were my favorite courses of all time. I took these all through high school, as well as University."

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