A postcard from new york

Hereyou can find samples of letters to a friover about vacations, free-timeactivities, week-ends, picnics, all kinds of journeys & hiking trips,& the lượt thích. In these letters people giới thiệu their vivid impressions andfeelings.

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Sample letter to lớn a friendin English № 1DearMichael,Thank you for your recent letter. It is so wonderful to lớn hearfrom you!I am very glad that you had a good vacation.As for me, I also spent a wonderful vacation. First, I livedwith my parents in the garden. The weather was hot and Iswamalot with my friends. We played soccer and rode bicycles.Andin August we wenttoCypruswithmy parents. It is a large island in the Mediterranean with a wonderfulclimate. We swam in the sea và were lying intheshade of huge eucalyptus trees. We traveled along the mountain pathsandplayedtennis.Anyway, it was a memorable summer.How did your academic year begin?Aretherenewcomers in your class?Any new subjects?I’m sorry, I have lớn go to lớn the sports section.All the best!IvanSample letter to lớn a friendin English № 2DearPaul,Thankyou for your letter. I"m so glad lớn hear from you.It"sgreat that you"re on vacation in Italy.Youask me how I spent the summer. I rested at a youth camp on the lakeChebarkul is located in Chelyabinsk region in Russia. I can not saythat the summer was very hot, but at the camp we had fun. We playgames, play sports, go khổng lồ the disteo. As for me, I really liked thelarge và beautiful lake. Moreover, I had a lot of new friends!Andyou have sầu many friends? Who"s best friend? Why are you friends with him?Sorry,I must go. I look forward lớn hearing from you.Bestwishes,TanyaSample letter khổng lồ a friendin English № 3Dear Paul,Thankyou for your letter. I"m happy to get it.In yourletter you ask me how I spent my summer. I think that most people spendthe summer on the shores of ponds, swimming & sunbathing. As for me,I spent the summer with his grandmother in the village. We walked a lotin the woods, picking berries and mushrooms. I"ve seen a lot of wildanimals & birds. Moreover, we met a large moose with huge antlers. Idid not think that the forest is so interesting!How did you start out?There are new lessons? You learn in school last year?Sorry, Ihave sầu to go now.Writebachồng soon!Bestwishes,Alex

Sample letter to lớn a friendin English № 4DearAshley,Thank you for your letter.It’salwaysa pleasure to receive your letters.Youaskedmehow I spent the summer. Well, it was not the best summer of my life.First, I caught a cold và was sickfor
twoweeks. Because of this I could not go lớn a youth campandIspent a month in a stuffy đô thị.Then theweather turned bad & again Ihadto lớn stayhome. Only in August, I managed to lớn go hiking with friends.Wehada lot offun andsangsongsaround the campfire.Howis your new dog?Didit get usedtoyou? What bởi vì you feed it?Well, I’ve gotto lớn finish. It is now 11:00 pm, it’s time khổng lồ sleep.Take care of yourself,Anna
Thanksfor you letter. Sorry for I haven’t written you for so long Iwas busy all this time. Well, I am very glad that you have passed allthe exams! Congratulations! My holiday is over. I spent my holidaysvery well. I went out with my friends, read a lot of interesting books,watched tv, played computer games. I spent few weeks in a summercottage with my grandparents. I helped my granny with the garden,watered plants, & gathered fruit & vegetables. Also I was fishingwith my grandfather. I enjoyed floating by boat, swiming in the rivervà helping my grandparents. During my summer holidays I made many newfriends, read a lot of useful things. Now I feel ready to lớn get back toschool. I am happy to lớn meet my friends & teachers. What about you? Howdid you spend your holidays? Did you like it? Sorry, I have sầu to go. Imust help my mum.
KarinaSample letter khổng lồ a friendin English № 6HiMark, It"s always nice khổng lồ get your letters! I am really happy thatyou had a great holiday. I think I"d enjoy travelling, but I"ve sầu nevertravelled abroad. I usually go lớn my summer house not far from Moscow. I spendsummers there swimming in a river, playing with my friends và enjoyingthe nature. I have sầu a wonderful garden with different flowers. It"susual for Russians khổng lồ grow vegetables and fruit at summer houses but Inever do it! You asked about the type of holidaysI lượt thích. Well, let"s say I don"t lượt thích lying on a river bank doingnothing. I prefer working in my garden and hiking. Youmentioned taking French classes. What made you take them? Do you thinkFrench is difficult? When are you going to lớn start?Write soon,Lena
Sample letter khổng lồ a friendin English № 7DearMichael,Thank you for your letter. So wonderful to hear from you.In your letter you asked me how I spent my summer. I had agreat this summer. First I went to lớn a youth camp, which is located onlya short distance from Kaluga on scenic Lake. We have sầu a lot ofsunbathing & swimming in the lake, playing soccer, nhảy đầm in theevening, etc. Ive sầu made lot of good friends.Then, the second half of the summer I held a at thegrandmother in the garden. The garden is located near a large forest.We went hiking, picked mushrooms & berries and bathed in a wide river.However, I already want khổng lồ school, I miss my school friends.Sorry, I must go. I will write to you soon again!All the best,Sergei
Sample letter khổng lồ a friendin English № 8DearSarah,Thank you for your recent letter. It was great lớn hear fromyou!You asked me to tell you how I spent the summer. Well,Ispent
thissummer very well.Ourfamily was invited khổng lồ visit our relatives who have a house in Spain inthe suburbs of the city of Barcelona.Wespent almost a month traveling around the country. By the way,Ilearntalittle Spanish.We have sầu a lot of sun & swimming in the warm sea.WevisitedtheSalvador Dali museum and Barcelomãng cầu Zoo. Wewatched«SingingFountain» và the botanical garden Gaudi. As forme,I liked the water park with dolphins.I must go now, my mother is waiting for me. I will write toyou soon again.Take care,KatiaSample letter lớn a friendin English № 9
Howare you? Ran out of my summer vacation. I think you would like khổng lồ knoweverything about my holiday. There are many countries I visited. Hereare some of them Pol&, Deutchland Germany và other. My holidaysstarted in June. I visited many interesting places, different museums,beautiful cities. I saw Sikstinska Madonmãng cầu in the Dresden museum . Itis the masterpiece and I would lượt thích visit it again.
Thissummer was a memorable one. In June, I went khổng lồ a school camp. It wasvery interesting. There we were getting ready for the upcoming exams,went to the pool, a library, an exhibition hall, visited the archive sầu,which stores old letters, newspapers, magazines, books on the GreatPatriotic War.

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Julywas the most memorable month. I spent it in Krasnodar with relatives.The weather was wonderful. All day long we swam in the Blaông chồng Sea,sunbathed, examined the local attractions, visited the museum, cinema& a huge gift shops. The sea was so good I did not want lớn leave sầu it.
AugustI spent at home. I finally managed lớn read the book by Antoine deSaint-Exupery’s "Favorites". I also began to lớn learnSpanish. This language is very beautiful. In the evening, I was walkedwith friends, together we are having fun.
Tellus more about your visit to lớn Crete. What was the mostunforgettable? What did you eat in the local restaurants?
Ilook forward lớn your next letter.
SvetlanaSample letter khổng lồ a friendin English № 11
Howare you? It is the over of my summer holidays. I think you would like toknow everything about my holiday.
Thissummer was unforgettable for me. I was in Gelendzhik. In my opinion,there’s nothing like the Russian resorts. There weredifferent kinds of entertainment there. I liked water scooters themost. There was nothing to bởi all day except for taking sunbathes andswimming. Every day we walked around a town và rode on an excursion.Sample letter to a friendin English № 12
Iwas very glad lớn receive sầu your letter & thank you for it. In my letterI want lớn talk about my summer holidays.
Summerwas very hot, so I went to the river to lớn bathe and sunbathe. Every nightI went out with friends, we had fun.
Julystarted with the events of the standard Open-2013 which I visited withfriends. At this festival we have listened to lớn good music, saw a game ofbeach tennis và took photos with our idols.

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Onthe 1st of September I came khổng lồ school & I met my classmates whom Imissed a lot. I started the new school year with a good attitude và adesire lớn gain new knowledge.
Sample letter khổng lồ a friendin English № 13DearAlice,Your letterfrom London interested me very much.Itremindedme ofthetime Iwasthereseveralyears ago.I spover my all my weekendsat thebeach.Iam getting a nice tan and you can no longer say I am paler thanyou.I"vebeenplayingvolleyballandswimming.On the weekdays Iwork.Igot ajob atMcDonald"scoffeeshopandI workthereisamanager of the hall. Wefeedpeopledelicious, và theyhappilysmilingtous. The pay isn"t too great but I love the job.I think the summer"s beengoing well for you too. Would you lượt thích to meet up some timebefore school starts?Yourfriover,AlexSample letter lớn a friendin English № 14HiRoger,How areyou? I am writing to tell you about my summer. It has really beenfun.Iwenttoa children"scampon theBlackSea.Wearetherea lot ofswimmingandsunbathing.Weplayedomain authority lotinfootball.NextweekIam goingomãng cầu tripwithhis friends.Ihope you are having a fun summer, too.Yourfriend,Peter

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