You are my sisters

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I just finished this show. I initially saw it on, but finished the last 11 episodes on viki. This show is very touching. The storyline is wonderful. It"s about family, love sầu, betrayal, hate, & forgiveness. i love the story about the twins and what each went through. Though there were times when I couldn"t stvà the elder sister (Anjing) và wished all evil things, I have lớn sit back and think about her sacrifices too. Anning, the younger of the twins, is very nice and considerate of others. Sometimes she is way too nice that she lets others step all over her. Her character is tooooooo comtháng of a theme for me though. I just wish she had a stronger character và not to forgive sầu too easily. At least with Anjing, you see the development of her character from a naive sầu innocent teen khổng lồ a manipulative sầu cold hearted, ruthlessness schemer. But you still forgive sầu her because there is repentance. Anle is another of the sisters (different moms). I keep forgetting that she"s just a kid, but her character is really annoying. At one point I thought the writer cut her off completely from the script. That was just wishful thinking on my end. I watched this show for Tiamming. I loved his character in Lady và Liar. He"s so good looking. he is an accomplished actor. I love sầu his role in this drama. I love sầu that however he"s feeling, you can see it in his eyes. When he"s in love, you want lớn be on the receiving end. All the things he did in the name of love & not taking credit for it. Love love love sầu his character. Jiajia is super annoying và I don"t know why Tiamming puts up with her. She is such a psymang đến & is very selfish. In order lớn get what she wants, she will trample over everyone. And in the kết thúc, did she kết thúc up with the hero???? I can"t stand Muxuan"s character either. What is perfection? He"s also another of the selfish characters that I couldn"t stand. Like Anle, I thought his character ended when he left the country. I was very happy lớn see hlặng go away.the actors và actresses are very good. For the viewer khổng lồ love/hate them, they are doing a great job. Each of the characters in the over you forgive sầu them all. That is how great the drama was. The writer tied the story very neatly. The last 2 episodes were very touching. I didn"t mind having a sleepless night to lớn finish this. I really enjoyed this show. I especially love sầu the little girl, Anyi. She"s sooooooo adorable. What is the meaning of love? Is it lớn sacrifice yourself for someone you love? Is it betraying your loved ones to achieve it? How much can a person go through in order to receive sầu love? Can there be complete forgiveness? Watch this và you"ll see. Don"t try lớn skip any parts. It"s very interesting with the twists and turns. You"ll also see the development of these characters. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers!

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