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Vietphái mạnh is an exotic country, no doubt about it, the best things you will see in Hanoi, Da nang or Ha-long Bay will be the lovely beaches, Buddhist temples, beautiful sunsets. If you are looking lớn relive sầu those experiences when you get trang chủ by sharing the best of your trip then you need help with an internet connection in Vietphái nam. This article shows you the best data syên cards you can buy from an online store before you go to Vietnam giới. 

Besides, We are presenting reasons you should buy from an online store, it means before lớn take to lớn the skies. What type of advantages you are going to get, what are the technical features of every thẻ, where khổng lồ buy them & how much the cards are for.

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Don’t worry about hocbong2016.netng bills back trang chính in a flash, we will show you how much you could be spending by purchasing sim cards instead of other technologies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take the best photos or stay in touch with your loved ones through the best coverage in the country.

Let’s take a look.


5 HolaFly Vietnam giới data SIM card6 Have sầu you ever wondered how much data you should buy?8 To buy my data slặng cards in Vietnam8.1 Vietnamobile

Why buy a data SIM cards to lớn Vietnam?

Travelling and always getting connected has become a basic necessity, but the costs can be high. You can opt for the famous hocbong2016.netng, or you will be in for a nasty surprise on your bill when you return. On the other hvà, there is the option of the famous Pocket WIFI but you will be carrying an additional device và risk paying a fine in case of damage or loss.

We know you have the option of data sharing, however, with a SIM thẻ that avoids hocbong2016.netng or pocket WIFI you can also nói qua data. Let’s talk about all the SIM cards you can choose from, either from an online store or in Vietnam giới when you get there.

Which data SIM cards to lớn Vietnam giới offers me the most data at the best price?

Although, we will take a look at Mobile operators that provide data prepaid syên ổn cards. We want you lớn get an alternative option to choose the best sim card at affordable prices under the high coverage too.

It may be easy for us to tell you it’s an X or Y card, but we don’t know what you’ll need it for. Whether your trip is simply for leisure or business, there are many reasons why you might travel.

However, for us, the best option is the Holafly card. Why? You’ll see that later when you see the comparison between this card và the other options available. With Vietnamobile’s coverage, it offers you Internet, for 17 euros: It is a prepaid SIM card with 3 GB of data per day, for 8, 15 và 20 days of stay in this country. Note that you can also nội dung data with other devices, such as Pocket Wifi.

Where lớn buy the best data SIM thẻ for Vietnam?

It depends on whether you decide lớn buy your Vietphái nam SIM card before or during your trip. In the following paragraphs, we will show you some alternatives. We recommkết thúc that you bởi it before, so you will avoid worrying about where to buy your data SIM thẻ when you l& in Vietphái mạnh.

To buy my Vietnam giới data SIM card from an online store (recommended)

The first và most convenient option is lớn buy your SIM thẻ for Vietnam giới from an online store. It’s simple, don’t worry about arriving và seeing where lớn get a slặng card và start looking for the best option. You already know that once the plane has landed and while you are waiting to lớn get out of it, you can change your SIM thẻ, that is all. All you have khổng lồ bởi is setting up your di động, write khổng lồ your family that you are fine & go & get your bags. All you can think about is that you want to get away quickly lớn see the sights or simply rest from a long journey.

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Can you imagine how useful the mạng internet is in Vietnam? Source: Zen Chung on Pexels


This thiết bị di động operator has good coverage, covering 90% of the country & 63 cities in the country. Vietnasản phẩm điện thoại has a variety of prepaid SIM card options for Vietnam, ranging from 2 GB khổng lồ 12 GB for one day & up to 30 days.

BenefitsMany data plans lớn chooseThe data amount per day is not a small thing but isn’t an unlimited internet connection.LimitationsPromotions will activate by sending an SMS.Their website is only partly in English.

Vietphái nam data syên cards for travelling, which one lớn buy?

After reading this you have sầu probably decided to lớn buy the Holafly Vietnam giới data SIM card for your trip, for a price of 17 € with 3 GB of data for 8 days. It also charges €26 for 4GB of data for a 12-day stay.

This SIM thẻ also offers you the following benefits:

di động data sharing.You will be able lớn receive sầu không lấy phí local calls.24-hour help in English.Keep your WhatsApp line và stay connected lớn friends & family.Free shipping to receive your SIM card within 72 business hours.


How lớn get a connection in Vietnam?

It’s probably you decide to lớn carry the SIM thẻ. However, you might pay extra charges for the hocbong2016.netng use or rent the WIFI out. If you don’t feel cosy, you may connect from the free connection around able places like the airport.

Will my sản phẩm điện thoại phone work on Vietnam’s Smartphone networks?

The 4G/LTE coverage for Internet in Vietnam giới from the three main operators in Vietnam covers 95% of the country. In any case, if you want khổng lồ check the functionality, you can visit websites lượt thích kimovil.com, especially if you have sầu an older device.

SIM card for the Internet in Vietnam và Cambodia

Holalfy has an option that will allow you khổng lồ have coverage in Asia, its Asia Multi-Country data SIM thẻ, which includes 13 destinations in this region, including Cambodia. Internet for 12 days with 4GB of data at 4G tốc độ, and you can nói qua data with other Mobile devices.

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How khổng lồ choose a data SIM thẻ for the mạng internet and phone in Vietnam?

When choosing your thẻ, consider these aspects: Operator coverage, price, amount of data, local calls, local number và if you are allowed khổng lồ tóm tắt data. Beside you count on the technical tư vấn, both languages, Spanish & English are available. 

How much does a SIM card for Vietphái nam cost?

For 17 € you enjoy the internet, this is the fixed price for the slặng cards & each one is displayed differently. The cards are available to lớn make TOP-UP but not each one. The technical support, local phone number, only data service, free shipping or any other features may change at least. If you are interested in buying a slặng card kiểm tra out the thiết bị di động operator products on the official website.